Further changes to arrangements post-COVID

The following have changed:

  • We no longer put hand gel out on each table; there is plenty available should anyone need it.
  • Cards are now dealt before the evening’s play starts.

The following remain in place:

  • The tea break has not been reinstated.
  • Masks remain an individual choice.
  • We are still not levying table money, but visitor fees (£2) are still required.

Post COVID-restrictions — Arrangements

The government has lifted COVID restrictions. We are having a phased return to normal play. Currently we are still doing without a refreshment break and cards are dealt at the end of the evening for the next week. Table money is not required but guest fees are still payable. Wearing a mask is an individual choice and hand gel is available at all tables. We will relax further as our members feel more comfortable.


We’ve created a small section of learning materials in the library – take a look.  We’ve called it the Underwood library.  It currently contains materials that belonged to our late friend Gillian that were donated by her husband Cliff.

If anyone has any bridge material they would like to add to the library, please contact any committee member.